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the fresh prince of denmark
Why, let the stricken
deer go weep,
the hart ungalled play;
For some must watch,
while some must sleep:
So runs the world away.


OOC: yo, this is an ask blog for Shakespeare's Hamlet

please do not use/repost any of the images here 8(

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I’ve been listening to this song on repeat all day…

it’s been a long time but we wish you well!

(( ooc: COUGHS LOUDLY before anybody says a thing

while i kind of imply Hamlet has a last name in the last answer, as a monarch, he should not have one. at least from what i understand is the case of the Danish monarchy as well as the Norwegian monarchy

surnames are a thing of the common people—he instead would go by his title, Prince Hamlet of Denmark

though i understand a Danish prince did enroll in Harvard using his father’s name as a surname

making Hamlet—Hamlet Hamlet (or Hamletson) at least in Wittenberg—assuming they cared about that kind of thing in that era ))

But you can call me Your Highness.

askmari whispered:
Tarlach fan, eh? It's understandable. He is pretty awesome c: See some Ruairi in here. Not a me fan? -sad puppy dog eyes- They get all the attention! Hmph! Heh.






Tarlach is Mai Waifu!
Actually I love all three of you. <3


sorry about that I can’t draw very well (;v;)
and thanks for your asking! :D

Awww, such a lovely photo! Thank you so much! In return, here is a body size pillow of your Waifu as you people call Tarlach. Not sure what a Waifu is but I assume it is something like a Wafer cookie. So I approve!



Awwwww, really really thank you!! <3 <3 <3

No problem! Be sure Tarlach doesn’t see it! If he does, he’s going to make me stand on that altar in a bear suit!

And here I thought you dead.

hiatus + notes

i’m afraid that in light of recent events, we are going into hiatus for awhile.

if anyone feels the need to contact me for any reason, please feel free to do so through my main blog’s ask box

also: i would very much appreciate it if people would refrain from reposting my artwork from this blog onto your own. the reblog function is there for a reason and reblogging it will maintain my source. that is something i would much prefer remained intact. thank you.

No, it was the fault of mine for trusting any of you to be reasonable sparring partners.


"I am past due on such things, am I not?"

You are never too old! Please Hamlet! You know you wannnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaa

"I am past due on such things, am I not?"